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Planning permission

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Anyone planning a building project knows that they need an architect to obtain the best possible outcome. However how many  realise that a good garden designer can  often tip the balance  on sensitive planning applications.
Architects obviously know the benefits of greenery in planning applications, they very often decorate their drawings with  unrealistic trees and shrubs....

First fly of summer

posted / 27.6.18
 My first fly orchid, , so tiny that they are really hard to see, but close up  the detail is amazing...

Spring is here!

posted / 10th Feb 2015
Snowdrops and hellebores are popping out and the sun is creeping down the garden wall. time to start finalising all the planting plans that I have been leaving at the bottom of the heap. This is a good time to check on the nurseries and see who has what. Europlants open day the week after next. It is in the diary, hopefully I will get there this year after the timely reminder at the SGD awar...

Trees for bees

posted / 14th Aug 2013
London is a great place for bees,no nasty chemicals and huge numbers of trees.In the capital it is not just British natives,bees are treated to trees from all over the world, which gives them unrivaled continuity of forage.Starting with mimosa (Acacia dealbata) there is is a tree in blossom right through the year until late autumn. However for a real bee tr...

Do you need a Garden Designer?

posted / 29th July 2013
The builders have gone, the house looks lovely, but the garden is a disaster area. You know you should do something about it, but where to start? Should you look for a landscaper or a Garden Designer, and how much will it all cost?

If all you want is a lawn, a shed and a bit of paving, there is little or no point in getting a Garden Designer involved. If however, you want the garden to look...